About us

Do you believe in a natural, drug-free form of healing?

At Synergic, we believe that nature provides us with all the ingredients we need to look better and feel better. Our products are a result of extensive research in Aromatherapy and are 100% pure. We combine essential and vegetable oils to provide you with the most efficient cure, without any side effects.

Our company

SLM Pharma is a family team of pharmacists that adore Aromatherapy

We are commited to:

  • Ensure optimal quality by selecting suppliers that provide pure oils, certified and thorougly selected
  • Offer a broad range of products without additives or chemical preservatives
  • Optimize the curing effect by mastering the synergies between essential and vegetable oils

Our values


Quality and Efficiency

Our formulas are the effort of long research in aromatherapy and are constantly improved upon. Aromatherapy is our passion and we work hard to provide our customers with the most efficient oils for the effect they desire.


“The Synergic anti-inflammatory is unbeatable on the local treatment market !! I can confirm on TENS of people !!

Michel T'Sas, Kinestherapist, Morocco

“Very nice products that I highly recommend ! To treat my acne issues, I used many products but Synergic's Acne Corecctor is the only treatment that could considerably reduce my skin problems without drying it. Today, my skin is soft and healthy.

Sophia Bennani, Engineer, Canada

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